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Chaos Collective

Our company is led by a cohort of mostly female, neurodivergent artists who want to give themselves a leg up in the industry without waiting for someone else to open the door, and we plan on throwing the doors and windows wide behind us in any way we can to ease the path for future & current artists who have faced barriers in starting or progressing themselves.

We plan to implement programs that allow for the free transfer of knowledge and skills to boost opportunities for those with financial barriers.  We commit to offering free tickets to every performance and we strive to carve a little space for our audiences to experience new perspectives in the hopes of fostering opportunities for change that is healing and beneficial for individuals and communities. 

We launched in 2023 by premiering two shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with these aims at the heart of both projects.  One is a Family Friendly piece for humans of all ages to enjoy and the other is a 16+ Theatre piece tackling more adult themes.  If you would like to help us to deliver these aims you can do so by donating here or if you have another suggestion we are keen to hear from you.  Drop us a message here if you want to chat further.

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