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Performance and class shots by Robyn Hunter

About Me

Hi, I'm Kat.

I'm a single mammy of two incredible humans, and in the process of getting my ADHD diagnosis.  This, plus trying to carve a career in the creative industry makes for a chaotic existence, but a highly joyful one.

I fell in love with all things performance thanks to the formidable arts worker, Terri Jones at Cumbernauld Theatre. Without her efforts of support (she turned an intentional blind eye to my unpaid youth theatre fee's) this working class wee lassie would never have dared dream to go to university to do THIS.

I graduated as a Director from QMUC Edinburgh, and returned to Cumbernauld Theatre Trust as the Drama Projects Officer.  That organisation supported me once again by putting me through my PDA in Arts Education in Practice.


In 2017 after my divorce I re-trained as an Actor at Acting Coach Scotland on the one year intensive PD course, something I only found the courage to do after the incredible support and encouragement I received from the community at  (If you've not heard of them before go check them out! You can thank me later)  It was there that I literally found my voice as a Voice Over and got my first paid Voice Acting job - you can see the result of that on the tab marked 'reel' - I'm super proud of it (the show won an Emmy!)


All of this to say, I'm here, putting food on the table for my wee terrors in large part down to the support, kindness and encouragement of others.  Now it's my turn to pay it forward.  I am doing this in two ways:

One: Through my work as an Acting Coach.  I currently coach for Inspire Actors Studio and have started my own classes now too.  My classes are about creating spaces where vulnerability is celebrated and safe, because that's where artists can thrive.  If you're looking for a coach to tell you what you did badly, I'm not your woman.  I firmly believe, as does the founder of Inspire, Michael Keogh, that making artists wrong only results in them not trusting themselves and shutting down their creativity.  It also fosters an unhealthy drive to seek the validation of your coach.  I am just another human being and my opinion of your art is just that.  An opinion.  What I can do is give you the space to practice your craft with guidance and support.  Giving you opportunities for 'Aha!' Moments and opportunities to tell your stories!  I fight the corner of my 'students' every day and I am so proud of the community that we are building together in Glasgow.  There's some incredible talent coming up - watch this space!


Two: Through my newly founded production company Chaos Collective which will provide a platform for new artists who have experienced any kind of barrier to making their presence known to the industry at large.  We firmly believe in the necessity of art to create these essential communities of support and compassion.  Therefore we have committed to ensuring free tickets to every performance we create.  We started strong by taking not one but TWO shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and did so with the Free Festival.  To find out more please click on the tab above which will need to serve until we can get the website up and running.  If you'd like to donate to support the artists involved in providing free tickets to every performance of our work, you can do so, by clicking right HERE.  Thank you!

Nice to meet you. Stick around, and say hello!



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